Alexandra Cousteau to visit Belize

Alexandra Cousteau

Image - Bill Zelman ©

Neil Rogers will fly directly to Belize from the Adventure Travel World Summit to meet up with Alexandra Cousteau and Martha Conboy. Alexandra will collaborate with Coppola Resorts on her Expedition Blue Planet Belize In May 2012.

The documentary scouting trip will include visits the the Belize Zoo, the Scarlet Macaw nesting site in the Chiquibul National Park, the Bald Hills in the MPR, the Vaca Plateau, Caracol Archaeological Reserve, Placencia Lagoon, Monkey River and the Belize barrier reef, part of the Mesoamerican barrier reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Meetings with a wide range of local stakeholders and community leaders have been arranged through partner NGOs, Friends for Conservation & Development and SEA Belize.

The expedition will focus on water, looking at the inter-relationship between protecting watersheds and the impacts water supply and quality have on our every day lives, communities and the environments that surround us.

Other key topics include sustainability, protected areas management and ecotourism.


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