Nurture Belize, the beginning

What is Nurture Belize?

Nurture Belize aims to be a place of collaboration between NGOs, biodiversity researchers, communities, tourism stakeholders, land owners and a global audience that can make a real difference to protecting Belize’s biodiversity.

The primary objective of Nature Belize to help NGOs protect critical habitat and breeding sites for endangered species.

The inspiration for Nature Belize comes from the urgent need to protect the 100 pairs of breeding Scarlet Macaws that still survive in Belize.

Who can participate?

  • Visitors to Belize through donations and gifts
  • Businesses through corporate membership
  • Belize based tourism stakeholders
  • Overseas tourism companies
  • NGOs, researchers and tourism organisations through the affiliate programme
  • Concerned individuals


One thought on “Nurture Belize, the beginning

  1. Hello Nurture Belize a big Thumbs Up! to you. I found all your articles pretty exciting and well selected to highlight the Belizean context of Eco-cultural Tourism. I am a member of a farmers group and whould definitely like to subsicribe to your site to receive fresh updates.

    Best regards.


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