Coppola Resorts Verified by Rainforest Alliance

Francis Ford Coppola Resorts properties Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn have had their sustainable tourism practices and operations Verified as “best management practices” by Rainforest Alliance.

Both properties reached the coveted Level 3 with more than 75% compliance with criteria.

There are now 3 Rainforest Alliance verified properties in Belize (Blancaneaux Lodge, Turtle Inn and Black Orchid Resort). In addition The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Xanadu Island Resort and Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort have been certified by third parties such as Green Globe and STI.

As Belize strives to become a sustainable destination it is important that third party verification of sustainable policies and operations is embraced by more stakeholders.

Being certified or verified gives hotels and resorts an opportunity to communicate that they are striving to make a difference through sustainable tourism practices.

The more hotels, resorts and tourism providers that become verified or certified for their sustainable tourism practices the more likely that the Government of Belize will listen. If tourism stakeholders remain apathetic and fail to show their commitment through positive actions then the GOB may see this as a sign that large scale, mass tourism is the way forward for Belize.

Nurture Belize urges all stakeholders that are concerned about the impact unsustainable development practices have on biodiversity, water quality and local communities to make a positive contribution to making Belize a sustainable destination.

For more information on Rainforest Alliance and their sustainable tourism verification programme go to

To see some of the marketing benefits verification or certification can bring go to


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