Wilderness – a model of sustainability

Wilderness have been in business for over 26 years and currently operate 59 safari camps in six countries that straddle southern Africa.

Their approach to operations has always been at the cutting edge of sustainable tourism through the early adoption of the 3 ‘strategic pillars’ of Tourism, Conservation and Awareness. They have raised the bar even higher with their approach to sustainability through a strategy encapsulated in the ‘4 C’s’, a concept adopted from the Zeitz Foundation. This concept suggests that no organization will be truly sustainable unless it addresses the four dimensions of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.

Belize and it’s tourism stakeholders can learn much from the ‘4 C’s’ approach adopted by Wilderness. More can be read about this approach by clicking here.

I recently met with Andy Payne the CEO of Wilderness at the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards in Tokyo, Japan. Andy gave me a copy of Wilderness Holdings Integrated Annual Report for 2011. It’s a 152 page document that points the way for resort companies that want to truly be both sustainable and transparent to their investors and stakeholders. It inspired me to reinvigorate my own efforts to help create a truly sustainable future for Belize as a destination. I hope their methodology and concept of ‘doing well by doing good’ will also inspire you.


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