Projects will have a local focus so that stakeholders such as hotels can create immersion experiences, develop community based environmental projects or contribute towards building nature based infrastructure. Actively engaging local communities gives hotels and tour operators the ability for their guests or visitors to give something back to the local area they are visiting. Developing the Belize Bird Trail pilot project in Cayo District would be one example of a ‘project’, as would PCSD’s mangrove reforestation project along the Placencia Peninsula.

Current Projects

The Belize Bird Trail

The Belize Bird Trail aims to be a catalyst project that helps create both sustainable livelihoods and conservation awareness through nature based travel experiences.

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© Roni Martininez

Solitary Eagle Nesting Site

For the first time in 50-years and for only the third time in history a Solitary Eagle nest has been found. The nest site was found in the early summer of 2011 by a Belize Raptor Research Institute team led by Roni Martinez and supported by team members of the Peregrine Fund. This rare raptor needs your help to secure and protect the               nesting site.                               Read more

Mangrove Conservation

Initially the WWF funded project focused on reforestation around shrimp farms. It transitioned into local activities around Placencia village. A mangrove challenge was initiated that included community led mangrove plantings, workshops, work with schools and the establishment of private mangrove reserves. The success of the challenge led to the project being expanded to the Corozal, Belize City and San Pedro communities.                          Read more


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