Belize Raptor Research

The Belize Raptor Research Institute is working on a comprehensive range of raptor research projects primarily from its temporary base in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Belize.

Founded by Ryan Phillips a US based raptor biologist the institute is currently studying 3 hawk-eagle species, the Stygian Owl and the rare Solitary Eagle.

In the early summer of 2011 the BRRI led by Roni Martinez and accompanied by a team from the Peregrine Fund found the nesting site of a rare Solitary Eagle. This amazing find, the first nest of a Solitary Eagle nest in the last 50 years is the culmination of 7 years of searching.

Ryan and the BRRI team have now put together a comprehensive plan to secure and protect the area surrounding the nest and early in 2012 they installed a remote camera system to allow them to monitor and study this rare and elusive raptor.

The BRRI team recently had more exciting news when they were contacted by the BBC wildlife film unit about making a documentary on the MPRs Stygian Owls. Little was known about the Stygian Owl before Ryan and the BRRI team captured several owls and fitted radio tracking devices to them. It was immediately obvious once tracking began that the nocturnal habits of the Stygian Owl challenged all previous behavioural asumptions.

You can learn more about the BRRIs work and their funding needs on their web site at


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