Biodiversity research

If we are to know more about our environment in order to protect it we must invest in biodiversity research.

Day-in, day-out research is happening throughout Belize. There is much to still learn about Belize and its complex ecosystems.

Researchers need places to stay and need logistical support to fill funding gaps. Belize’s tourism sector can provide invaluable support for scientists and their research teams.

Have you thought about hosting a research project? There is growing demand from guests for experiences that allow them to learn and give back to the country they visit.

This section of the Nurture Belize web site is dedicated to biodiversity research projects and their Belize based tourism partners.

Jaguar research

With an estimated 1000 jaguars and 4 other cat species Belize is one of the most important genetic pools for jaguar in the Americas.There are a number of on-going jaguar research projects. Click on the link below to learn more about this exciting and vital work.

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Scarlet Macaw research

With just an estimated 200 scarlet macaws Ara macao cyanoptera surviving in Belize there is an urgent need to research and protect this endangered and charismatic species . With little direct funding available from the Government of Belize to protect this rare and endangered species the struggle to save the macaws and their nesting site is left to a handful of poorly funded stakeholders.

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Solitary Eagle, Stygian Owl & Raptor Research

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park and the Chiquibul Forest of western Belize are home to some of the rarest raptors in the neotropics. Solitary Eagle, Stygian Owl, Orange-breasted Falcon, Harpy Eagle, King Vulture, Black-and-white Hawk Eagle are just a few of the species that the Belize raptor Research Institute is monitoring from their base in the MPR.

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