story telling

FCD Interview at Caracol Belize

Saying nothing isn’t an option.

We need to send out our message loud and clear so that it spreads locally, nationally and around the globe.

We need to spread the word harnessing the power of creative story telling via video ‘shorts’, blog posts and social media.

I am currently developing contacts with a range of individuals and companies who are specialists in ‘story telling’. They’re top professionals with proven track records who focus on conservation, community, sustainability and environmental issues.

Whether you’re a hotel, tour operator, NGO or corporation Nurture Belize can help you connect with professional story tellers.

Without reaching out and explaining your story to your core audience you will struggle to make an impact. Video short stories are a key tool to quickly and creatively tell your story so that it first engages your audience and then calls them to action.

Differentiating yourself from the competition via rich media ( video, high quality stills and social media) will give your business or NGO the edge in attracting clients, visitors and funding.

Take three steps towards greater visibility, impact and long-term sustainability. Nurture Belize can help you:-

1. work out what your unique story is.

2. find the right partners to collaborate with.

3. work together to find the funding necessary to ‘tell the story’.


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