Cruise Ships Bring a Fleet of Problems for Belize


ELaw Advocate, a non-profit alliance focused on environmental law issues worldwide recently visited Belize to help local communities and partner NGOs assess the EIAs of two proposed cruise ship terminals. Their newsletter (link to PDF below) provides a summary of their views on Belize’s proposed expansion in the cruise ship tourism sector. The report states that the new cruise ship operations if given the goal ahead would more than double the number of Belize’s cruise ship arrivals and cause significant impact to the Mesoamerican Reef, Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary (the Stake Bank development) and Placencia (the Harvest Caye project).

You can read more information on the proposed developments via the ELaw Advocate newsletter or simply visit the ELaw web site at 


Belize under values it’s UNESCO World Heritage Status

Round Caye, Belize Barrier ReefDuring the course of this year’s judging and inspection trip for the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Tourism for Tomorrow Awards I’ve had the pleasure of learning how a range of global destinations have taken advantage of their World Heritage site status in order to boost their visibility and increase visitors interested in sustainable tourism.

I must say it made me think about how little Belize utilizes its UNESCO status especially with the high levels of interest being generated in Belize’s cultural tourism product through the 2012 celebrations (end of the current Maya Long Count Calendar).

Belize should use its UNESCO World Heritage status as a key driver for tourism to Belize and it should sit proudly at the heart of the a much deeper and more meaningful sustainable destination development plan for the country.

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