Dedication, passion and team work buy time for Belize’s Macaws

There’s a nice trip report by Christopher Gabbard, the Executive Director of Tulsa based Rainforest Restoration Fund that can be read by clicking here.

The Rainforest Restoration Fund is one of the main sources of grant funding for the annual monitoring and nest protection work undertaken by Roni Martinez and Charles Britt.

One of the things that I like most about what Roni is doing is that he’s using FaceBook to reach out to both a domestic and international audience. To compliment the small number of paid, well trained Belizean monitoring staff at the nesting sites (paid for by the RRF and Loro Parque grants) Roni recruits volunteers that spent one or more nights guarding nests in the Chiquibul. Many of these volunteers were Belizean. This is a smart strategy as the future of conservation in Belize and the survival of the macaws will ultimately be in the hands of passionate and motivated Belizeans’. FCD is also working on a similar strategy with the hope that  the 2013 nesting season can be even more successful than this years.