It’s Scarlet Macaw nesting season again in Belize

After a long gap in posts I’m now hoping to get back on track, refocus and breathe new life into Nurture Belize.

I resigned my position with Coppola Resorts just before Christmas so I’ve been focusing on how to move forward with life, and work. After 25+ years working with tourism to Belize and about 20 years being associated with Coppola Resorts I’m not about to now abandon Belize even though getting back may now be much less frequent than I’d like.

© Charles Britt

Capturing adult Scarlet Macaws to fit satellite telemetry devices to gather much needed data on a little known natural history © Charles Britt

We’re now back into the nesting season for Scarlet Macaws and it’s time to be vigilant. I’m closely following the activities of Roni Martinez, Charles Britt and their “Scarlet Six” team via FaceBook. Let’s hope the “Scarlet Six” along with, local volunteers and  FCDs rangers can keep the macaws and their chicks safe from persistent poachers.

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