Inkaterra wins the Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Award

Inkaterra, the Peru based hotel group owned by José Koechlin von Stein and his wife Denise Guislain have won the prestigious Conservation Award at the 2012 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards in Tokyo, Japan.

As one of the preliminary judges of the Conservation Award category I’d like to extend my congratulations to José and Denise. Inkaterra is a shining example of what can be achieved by hotel groups if they are truly committed to sustainability. For over 30 years José has been dedicated to sustainable development, operating world class hotels while funding biodiversity research through the desire to protection the landscape and cultures in the areas Inkaterra operate in. Belize can learn much from the way José has developed his business and I recommend that hoteliers take a look at the best practices that Inkaterra have put in place. Please click here for more information on Inkaterra.

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