Neil Rogers, Nurture BelizeWhy do we need Nurture Belize?

I guess the simple answer to the question is because it’s urgently needed.

The Nurture Belize concept isn’t new, it’s actually happening in many locations around the globe where visitors and tourism stakeholders care about the places they visit.

Belize needs the help of a wide range of stakeholder to bridge the gap between the funding that is needed and what the Government of Belize and their co-management partners can provide.

Nurture Belize aims to encourage the establishment of stakeholder networks that focus on local issues  in the hope of making a real difference to the quality of the environment and community life.

It is my belief that caring for our environment through creative strategies can make a real difference in protecting biodiversity and at the same time stimulate sustainable ‘nature based’ livelihoods within the community.

In order to reach the right audiences and inspire individuals and local communities we must ‘tell the story’ so that a wider range of potential stakeholders understand the issues, concerns and potential solutions.

Please help us to make a difference and help protect Belize’s biodiversity for future generations.

Neil Rogers,

Founder, Nurture Belize.




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